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by Lisa Colodny

Caren Rivers never really considered the busy lives of the drivers who passed through her toll booth. Some she encountered frequently, daily, as they moved from to place to place along their journey. Others, she doubted she’d ever see again. She’d always wondered what made them chose one route over ...Read More.

Ms Abrams Everything Garden

by Lisa Colodny

Do you remember that first day of school where you didn’t know anyone in the class? Whether you were coming into a brand new school or entering a new classroom in a school you’ve already been attending, these milestones wreak havoc on a little one’s psyche. Ms Abrams Everything Garden is an illustra...Read More.

The Town Time Forgot

by Lisa Colodny

The Town Time Forgot – starts in modern day New York City, as U.S. Marshal Devon McKenzie and NYC Detective Chris Gates are transporting a well-known prisoner along the interstate. The two have never gotten along and are squabbling as usual when their prisoner is forcefully removed from their custo...Read More.

Yellow River Pledge

by Lisa Colodny

Imagine being Dr Jordan Chamberlain, a successful, beautiful, young medical examiner with the perfect husband, the perfect life, and perfect friends. Somewhat of a whiz, kid, she’s younger than most Medical Examiner’s and enjoys a bit of glamor whenever forensic data is sent to trial. To an outside ...Read More.