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Childrens’ Literature

Ms. Abrams Everything Garden
"Starting a brand new school or entering a new classroom can wreak havoc on a little one's psyche. Ms. Abrams' Everything Garden tells the story of a young child entering a new class where none of the children each other. The teacher decides to involve the students in a garden project and over the course of the harvesting season, they not only grow a garden, but new friendsships as well."

Adult Fiction

The Town Time Forgot
"The Town Time Forgot has something for everyone. There’s mystery, romance, time travel, and history, all combined to create a book that readers won’t soon forget as U.S. Marshal Devon McKenzie and NYC Detective Chris Gates are transporting a well-known prisoner along the interstate. The two have never gotten along and are squabbling as usual when their prisoner is forcefully removed from their custody. Their vehicle is wrecked and the officers are injured. This all happens on a night when the Aurora Borealis is at its brightest. Devon and Chris spend the next three days surviving in an isolated wilderness area. When they come upon a farmer, they discover they’ve been transported back in time to 1869 Nebraska. Devon and Chris are assumed to be a married couple, so they play along until they can figure out how to get back to their own time. Three months pass and the two fall in love, but will they spend the rest of their lives in the past – or will they make it home –"