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Jericho Alley

Coming in 2019

In 2015, there were approximately 500,000 homeless people in the United States. Approximately one quarter of them were children. My hope is to provide a venue for parents to discuss the growing epidemic with their children.

I hope my picture book, Jericho Alley, is able to introduce the topic in a sensitive, yet honest way. It is intended for younger readers and has a word count of about 1200 words.

It is the story of a kind-hearted dog, Jello, who lives on Jericho Alley with his human friend Sam. It’s a typical day on the streets in and around the alley, except the temperature is expected to drop dramatically. Sam has several opportunities to take shelter from the storm but refuses to leave Jello alone, since the shelter does not allow pets.

As the storm gets closer, Jello checks the usual places for Sam. Several other colorful homeless characters are introduced during his search.

After an exhaustive and unproductive search, he observes Peyton, (a little girl with diabetes) become ill. Jello runs to her Father and brings him back to help. Once his daughter has recovered, he returns to Jello and offers him shelter for the night, but Jello refuses to leave Sam. Anxiously Peyton’s father and Jello finally find Sam in Jericho Alley and offer them both a warm place for the night a place they learn to call home.

Sanctuary Road

Coming in 2018

Dayna Myles expected her life would change once she left New York City and returned home to her small town of Cedarwood, Kentucky. The life she shared with her musician husband, Ethan, was all but over. All that was needed to bury that relationship was the finalization of their divorce. Settling into the big house on Sanctuary Road and reconnecting with her family were on her immediate to do list even though the homecoming was always bittersweet. Her mother’s untimely death combined with her father’s abandonment at a young age had left her and her brother broken in ways they really didn’t understand. Imagine then, her surprise to discover hidden among her mother’s things, letters from an admirer, one her mother was planning to leave her father for. Suddenly, the life Dyna imagined her mother had lived in Cedarwood couldn’t have been further from the truth. There had been many suitors in her mother’s life and most of them had been married!

Danya’s homecoming coincides with Cedarwood’s Festival of the Blood Moons, an event the town hasn’t recognized since 1969 when four little girls were murdered at six month intervals in circumstance with the Blood Moons. The town doesn’t think much about the current celebration of until the fatal accident the night of the first moon, and other six months later, and finally a third six months after that. Sanctuary Road comes full circle the night of the fourth and last Blood Moon as Dayna discovers secrets past have collided with sins of the present as she fights her way home, yet once again to find the love she thought she’d lost was still within her reach.